What is Your Solar Punk Name?

I would like to meet you.

Chris Weber
2 min readMar 24, 2021


A cool picture of names on pendants dangling from a chain-link fence.
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Names are important. They are how we tell each other apart without looking. All names mean something. Even if you are a Jim, Tim, and/or a Kim, your name likely has a history. When your parents named you, they chose a word to yell when you would eventually disappoint them. If your name comes with a prefix, they probably were just being lazy. Having a baby is exhausting.

I believe we should be able to name ourselves. This is because some people let their own names define them. If your name is Deirdre, you should not have to be sad about that for your entire life. Don’t let your name put you in a cage.

I am a solarpunk. I was not born this way. Despite this fact, I rather enjoy my name and its’ meaning. I have decided to keep it. That being said, I am a writer and I like to write things. I make up names for things all of the time just to keep myself amused. You can do this too. Let’s start with you.

A solarpunk name should reflect a few things. Those things are how you can save the world. I have a friend. This may surprise you. We worked together to come up with a solarpunk name. I won’t say his real name yet. He is some sort of weird Belgian. He was born a stubborn noble. His solarpunk name is Duke Helios. Duke is more of a title than a name. I am adding Dick as his first name because it means about the same thing in most languages.

So, here is where it gets weird. Duke Dick Helios is a robot sex monkey salesman from a small planet outside of the Orion constellation. I have already given him a place in my book. I am writing a very weird book.

If you want to give yourself a cool solarpunk name, you can eventually save the world and I will write about you. This seems like a pretty fun way for both of us to waste a few minutes while we are supposed to be working.

Let me know your solarpunk name and I will try to guess the meaning.

You are one of the first people to see this cover. This is a wormhole.

Read my in-progress book by clicking the wormhole above. If you think it sucks, don’t judge a book by its’ cover. I am still working to make it the best book never published.

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