What in the Universe Is That?

It is headed right for us!

Loading a New Universe by Chris Weber

What topics can you expect to learn about while reading?

Dynamic Neutrino Access, Preventing Mental Illness in Primates Facing Obviously Imminent Obliteration, Determining the Difference Between Dystopia and Utopia Based on Relationship Needs, Sleeping With Star Gazers, Silencing the Revolution on Your Own Personal Quantum Face Station, Basic Principles of Submitting to Telekinetic Thumb Control, Asking for Directions While Lost in Time and Space, The Interaction Between Ethereal Bodies During Transportation, Skunks, The Physical and Psychological Effects of Time Travel and Naked Deteleportation, The Upquarks and Downquarks of Galactic Traveling Requirements, Breaking Erotic Ethereal Unions, Basic Ancient Wilderness Survival, Evading Tax Collectors in Hyperspace, How to Survive Around Blackholes Without a Towel, Penetrating Plasma Prophylactics in Bronco Pajamas, Intergalactic Squirrels, Sneaking Weapons Grade Waste Into Warp Drives, The Cosmic Field of View, Nature of Universes, The Gender Issues Between Psymental Wizards and Witches, Hitchhiking Hand Gestures for Hoopy Froods, Whacky Underwear to Wear During Long Weekends, Planting Seeds in Wormholes Without Alerting Historical Authorities, Foraging for Food on New Planets, The Effects of Alien Literature on Newly Forming Satellites, Seven Silly Signs That You Are a World Ender, Origami With Organic Dark Matter, Primitive Polymath Pants Pirates, New Political Systems Discovered Through Poetry, Infinite Improbability for Idiots that Drive Irons, Rudimentary Raccoon Dentistry Dreams, Clamshell Worlds Ruled by Birdmen, and much more. (This list of topics is subject to change.)

Here are the early reviews from our sneak peek readers!

“Please stop sending me pages from your book.” — Dante Helix

What is The Age Of Irony?

This is a period of time best defined as the era of human existence when nobody listened to each other. We thought it was over before. Just wait.

Ironist, drone pilot, not afraid of falling from great heights. Currently writing the best book never finished.

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