What Do You Learn as a Communication Major?

Chris Weber
2 min readSep 28, 2022
How many types of communication do you see happening in this photo by Tato Villanova?

I am nearing graduation with a degree in human communication. Here are a few interesting things that I have studied so far.

What is communication? If we think about it, communication is a part of everything we do today. Like thinking, most people would find it harder to stop communicating than they even realize.

What would happen if you stopped interacting with a close friend?

In an attempt to not communicate, you might be communicating unintentionally. Your friend may think something has happened to you, that they have done something that has offended you, or that the relationship is no longer important to you.

As a communication scholar, I have learned a lot of information that originated in other disciplines. Communication education borrows from many other areas of study. Psychology, sociology, history, and linguistics are a few of the subjects that frequently find their way into communication studies. Communication scholars also produce a solid body of work on their own.

One of the most interesting and useful communication theories I have learned so far is the communication accommodation theory (CAT). CAT helps to describe how our communication changes when we talk to different people. Most of us recognize that we communicate differently with our siblings than we would a police officer or a doctor. While the reason for this may seem obvious, we accommodate in almost every situation depending on the relationship and the context. This theory originated in research that explained how people accommodate those with an accent that is different than their own.

Communication education includes a lot of large frameworks like CAT to understand complex ideas.

In some of my classes, we have focused on systems thinking. This method of looking at problems and challenges provides tools to help consider all of the parts of a system. When we start to consider communication as a global system, it encompasses a massive amount of human activity.

At the university that I attend, I have completed some entertaining courses that are focused on fandoms, science fiction, and writing for social media. I was taught communication skills that have improved my relationships and overall quality of life. I have learned to look at things we consider static as dynamic evolutionary processes.

I plan on writing more articles about the media I consume and the theories that I am using to understand the world around me. I look forward to hearing your opinions on these ideas soon.



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