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I still want to write my book here.

Chris Weber
3 min readJan 6, 2023
Carl Wilhelm Hübner, The Silesian Weavers (1846), Public Domain

I need your help. I want you all to read a story that I have been writing. I have the plan to make this happen.

I want this book to be free for my friends to read. I want you to tell me what you think.

I realize there are some barriers to telling my story here. It is mixed between the hundreds of poems and article-style posts I am writing. They are all part of it. They are attempts to get us all on the same page.

I have been writing a book here for quite some time.

Below is a story I adapted from a presentation I made in one of my human communication classes… (Don’t feel obligated to read this.)

I got a B on the presentation used in the article above. It was one of my lowest grades at the university. I blame this exception on my inability to explain the idea to my professor. This is a crucial part of communication.

I fear that my closest friends might struggle to understand me too. I am a deep well. I do not believe that anyone can know me without effort. I write to communicate and to understand myself.

My fear about writing a book appears if I think nobody wants to read it. I made it difficult to read on purpose. It is part of a puzzle.

This idea may have been counterproductive…

I know that most people do not have time to read. Some of you may not even believe that I know how to write. I do.

I have been sharing a poem on Facebook every day. Some of them are sad, scary, or silly. They are not all great. I have a lot more up my sleeve.

I have multiple chapters of a novel. They are hidden here and there. Most of them are still on my computer and screaming for some air.

This book is going to be a long one. I have to break it into sections. I am trying to work out a healthy life. I don’t want to die before it is done.

The setting is tricky. It spans the illusion of time. It gets a little wild. It wants to try to rhyme.

The characters are amazing. They are every one of you. I know this sounds crazy. It’s not a trick we all can do.

The plot is a lot. A weaving story wrought with irony, truth, or not.

Consider the Silesian Weavers… A poem you might not know. I want to tell that story from outside of Chicago. You could read it in English and then read the German title at the bottom of this link. It may begin to help you understand the way that I think.

I have the raw materials. I have the songs to sing. What I need from you, is the attention you can bring.

Artificial intelligence is breathing down the necks of all the many weavers who are swabbing their own decks. I want to right the ship before this planet wrecks.

Please tell me what you need from me to make this story fun. I have a pen and paper. But support, I need a ton.

Think of this as “choose your adventure” but the story isn't done. Try to influence what I write next if you think it can be won.

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I will have a new beginning appearing very soon. I will attempt to publish three fiction stories a month so anyone can follow this thread for free.

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