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The Society for Linian Studies

The beginning of a big adventure?

Chris Weber
1 min readFeb 12, 2023


"The Society for Linian Studies" - Retrieved for research purposes.

Rumor has it that this story came from places unknown. Buckle up, buckaroos. We are going on a voyage.

The Society for Linian Studies is a mysterious organization that I recently found while studying the story of my favorite band.

From what I understand, this secret society of scholars started long ago. A seafaring stranger once discovered an ancient civilization. His name was Guiseppe Cognomi.

“Founded in 1989 by Lyman Emery, The Society for Linian Studies is devoted to progressing Linian scholarship through ongoing research and a series of exhibitions. After nearly 20 years of investigation, the Society has only recently begun presenting its findings to the public.” — Linian Society (Circa 2009)

A small but loyal following quietly carried on the tradition of Linian scholarship.”

Recovered from the Linian Society

Please return soon for more details. This is a developing story. I will add to this entry as I disseminate the information.



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