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Chris Weber


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Thanks for reading this twisted tale. Here is a list of the chapters I’ve published so far. You can read this book for free if you use these links. (This gift may change over time.)

Chapter 1: Network Error

In the first chapter, we meet a character. She finds herself in an unfamiliar place and asks a few questions.

Chapter 2: Galactic Survival Guide

Do you ever dream of work? What about the lessons you learned at school? Why does this happen? What are the side effects of traveling through spacetime? Some of these questions might be answered in the second chapter of this book.

Chapter 3: Ada’s Divine Awakening

Ada meets the Oracle of Mazda.

Do you want to help me finish this book? It is possible. You just have to read what has been written so far.

Thanks for reading!




Chris Weber

Measuring the gravity in collisions of technology and news. I'm diving into the intricate world of media to untangle Earth's most captivating stories.