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Lord Huron’s Strange Trail Marker

Watch out for that rabbit hole.

Chris Weber
3 min readFeb 12
Photo by Marcelo Novais on Unsplash

Are you a wandering fan of the band Lord Huron? A lone traveler in the desert without a horse or a name? A weary World Ender?

Well… Meet me by the river. I too have been long lost a time or two.

You’re in luck Huronators! Things are about to get weird!

Something about Lord Huron has been bothering me for a while now. I couldn’t ponder what these tricky troubadours had been up to all these years.

I finally put my fingers on a few foggy facts the other day. The rest, as they say, is history.

Yesterday, I shared a story that explains what an adventure reality game (ARG) is. If you like the band Lord Huron but think long adventures through time and space are boring, the rest of this information might not appeal to you.

The trail starts here. You have been warned.

Photo by Jose Murillo on Unsplash

Here we go!

I want as many companions on this trail as I can get. I need some help to understand it all. On the other hand, there is some joy in discovering this stuff on your own. I will be like a guide. I will let you find information and figure out what to do on your own.

Let’s work together. When we get to the next step, or get lost, I will add more info below this article. If you find something before me, please let me know.

Meta: These are field notes that I will eventually turn into a big story about the band. You might want to look through some of my old articles to get acquainted. This is what I do.

If you want to find this trail on your own, here is what I did. It is also what I recommend:

Take seven steps forward.



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