Decoding Lord Huron: Part One

It all started with a lonesome dream.

Chris Weber
3 min readApr 6, 2021
Created by the author.

What does this song mean? Meet Huron. A weary traveler that has just reached a new shore. Did he have a boat? Did he come with more? Is he in a dreamland of souls without an oar? I added the video down below so that you might not think that I have lost my mind again.

Lonesome Dreams is the first part of the epic saga by the band Lord Huron. This is a story that the band began to tell almost exactly eight years back. I will explain and try to lead the way.

On that note, I am just a writer. I don’t know any of the members of Lord Huron. This is my interpretation of the music. This is what it means to me. This series of stories is leading up to the next album release for Lord Huron. I am only a fan.

The songs and videos from Lord Huron tell a big story to me.

It is an interwoven nonlinear journey through space and time. I study stories like this. It is what an Interuniversal Ambassador gets hired to do. There is something bigger…



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