Ages Of Irony

Chapter 3: Ada’s Divine Awakening

The roots of belief.

Chris Weber
6 min readJan 28, 2023


Photo by Kristian Seedorff on Unsplash

Ada woke up with the large man’s face a few inches away from her own. Looking into the librarian’s deep hazel eyes, not even the fog of waking could hide the fact that he was worried. In an instant, Ada was also frightened. She wondered what could scare this giant man.

“Wh…,” Ada tried to speak but was quickly silenced.

“Shh,” whispered the librarian. He held a big hairy index finger in front of his mouth.
“Squirrels. They’ll find us,” he said in a hushed voice. He looked around frantically.

A confused Ada tried to speak again. Before she could make another sound, the librarian hoisted her onto his shoulder and began to move through the trees like a little agile animal.

Still wrapped in the thick cloak he had loaned her the night before, Ada realized that any attempt to struggle would be useless. She lifted her head to see what might have spooked the giant man. Ada could see nothing following them. Even the clearing they had slept in looked the same as the night before. The fire was not only extinguished but gone without a trace. In place of the ash and dead embers, they left the perfect chaos of a pristine forest floor. It was almost like the entire night had been a dream.



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