Can ChatGPT Edit?

I finally tried it.

Chris Weber
5 min readJan 3


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As I write this, I have a poll running on Twitter. I asked my friends if they would use artificial intelligence to finish a novel.

ChatGPT told me to do this.

Not verbatim… I asked it how to get more social media interactions. One idea was to start a poll.

I have been writing about AI for a while now. Not as a proponent. I worried when I first heard of computers that could write. I started adding this fear into my novel.

I decided that there was only one way I could confront my fear. I had to face it head-on. I started writing about AI.

As a fan of science fiction and a communication scholar, I have been trained to look ahead. I wanted to know what ChatGPT was capable of. I have seen some flash fiction from this animal. I was less than impressed.

The first question I asked ChatGPT was simple. It is a question I have asked Google many times before. I asked it how to get more interactions on social media, and one of the solutions was to make a poll.

I didn’t listen to some of ChatGPT’s other prompts. It said to use hashtags on my poll. I did not. I was more interested in engaging the people that already talk to me.

I asked ChatGPT what I should post on social media to get writers to use it. Here is what it said…

“Here’s a social media post you can use to promote ChatGPT to writers:

‘Calling all writers! Are you looking for a powerful tool to help you brainstorm and develop your ideas? Look no further than ChatGPT! This AI-powered writing assistant can help you generate new ideas, refine your plot, and even edit your work. Give it a try and see how ChatGPT can take your writing to the next level! #writing #AI #toolsforwriters’

I hope this post helps you convince other writers to give ChatGPT a try! If you have any other questions or need…



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