I thank you for taking the time to read my bio.

I am a friendly and intelligent half-giant that is learning to be a better person.

I study human communication as a non-traditional student. This vast subject has opened my eyes to things I never thought I would understand. I share my new knowledge here when I can.

I attend Governors State University. It is a very cool social justice school in an underserved area of the suburbs of Chicago. I have learned that it is my responsibility to create impact and change.

I enjoy studying stories and learning how meaning and sense are created through interpretation and understanding.

I am currently working on two books and a podcast. The first book is a genre-bending novel about mental health, media, and everything else in this wild and weird universe. The second is non-fiction with a focus on the nature of fandom. I am writing scripts for a funny and entertaining podcast that ties these ideas together.

I have one semester left of school and I am planning to have at least one of these projects ready for eager eyes or ears when I graduate this spring.

I have lived with chronic depression and ADHD for as long as I can remember. Writing is my most effective therapy.

I aim to save the world with words by writing and discussing stories that save people from all the tales they have been told before.

When I am not writing or enjoying time with my family, I like to hunt mushrooms, explore nature, and talk to my friends about sources of happiness. I consider myself a spiritual person and a pluralist. I like to study life like an anthropologist wherever I go.

I have recently decided that children are awesome and I never want to grow up!

Thanks for reading! It means a ton.

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Chris Weber

I am a curious communication scholar. I write about the things that I learn and attempt to understand. Poetry, fiction, and everything else.