It is headed right for us!

A new book series! Ages Of Irony is a very weird number of books about things that we do not understand yet but probably should. Ages Of Irony is a humorous climate fiction series that collides with science fiction stories and really questionable history books.

Ages of Irony will teach…

Where did the mound builders go?

Long before Europeans spread throughout the Americas, established cultures were thriving. A group of indigenous people built successful civilizations and traded goods across the northern plains. Before any reliable sources made contact, they all disappeared. Though some evidence of their existence remains today, the mystery of the Mississippians continues.


Don’t Google the future.

Hello, my name is Entropy.

I’m a measure of uncertainty.

A thermodynamic quantity,

I represent energy,

I am the unavailability.

Chaos grows with reliable inevability.

Nothing is here to stay.

Welcome to an endless universe of accelerated decay.

The lights go out and we can’t see that what we can’t…

We need to change the name.

We never could get the hang of Earth Day. Let’s be honest. We need to do better. I beg anyone who cares about the living things on this planet to take a moment and just listen.

The Earth gives absolutely zero fucks about life or what we do to it!

A coming of age story!

You might not have ever heard of the little Lord Huron collection called Mighty. That is why I am writing about it. Mighty is the very beginning of Lord Huron. They are a band I thoroughly enjoy. Their storytelling abilities are second only to their smooth soulful folk sounds. …

A victory ode.


This way.

That is just the way things are.

Fat chance.

No way.

“Remember this my son… Rome wasn’t built in a day.” — Everyone

That will never change. It is too heavy. It can not move. We are in a crunch. Oh well. Worry about it tomorrow. …

Chris Weber

Ironist, drone pilot, not afraid of falling from great heights. Currently writing the best book never finished. I study communications and global systems.

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